Chenzhou everlast graphite co., LTD

    The company is located in the country and the world famous production base of high-quality microcrystalline ink-Lu tong,Is a set of mining、Ore dressing、Processing、Products、Sales in the integration of enterprises。The main products are“Lu pond”Graphite powder、Graphite grains、Graphite sand、Graphite ball, etc,According to user requirements and production of various specifications of the products。

    The company of microcrystal ink color grey black or grey,Metallic luster、Slippery feeling、Easy to dye hand、Chemical performance is stable、Pyrite content is extremely low、Harmful impurities;With high temperature resistance、Corrosion resistance、Resistance to acid and alkali、Antioxidant、Plasticity、Lubricity、Thermal conductivity、Electrical conductivity, and a series of high quality features。This resource advantages and quality advantages all over the world are extremely rare。

    Microcrystalline ink are widely used in pencil、The battery、Electrode、Graphite emulsion、Desulfurizer、Preservatives、Lubricant、Smelting recarburizer、Nb ingot mould、Graphite bearing、Friction sealing materials...

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