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     Puyang city light chemical co., LTDIs larger at present in China and have the ability to produce reagent grade(The purity≥99.9%,The moisture≤100ppm)N-Methyl pyrrolidone specializing in the production of enterprises。It is also one has the ability to produce the capacitance level(The purity≥99.9%)γ-Butyrolactone(GBL)The high-tech enterprises。
     Company to produce pyrrolidone series products as the main body,N-Methyl pyrrolidone as the leading product. Now has20000 Tons/Annual outputγ-Butyrolactone(GBL)..>> More and more

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2009YearsNMPProduct quality upgrading notices
2008Years5In the middle of month,Our company passed the Harbin gyu power co., LTD., on-site audit
2008Years5Month29Day,National security supervision and management of the administration of chemical registration center《And grant the goods transport conditions》----γ-Butyrolactone(GBL)
2008Years5Month,Our companyGBLPassedSGSHalogen free(Fluorine Chlorine Bromide Iodine)Component testing。
2008Years5Month,Our companyGBL,PassedSGS的ROHSThe test,The test results and the European UnionROHSThe instructions2002/95/ECAnd subsequent modification instruction requirements
2008Years4Monthly production out of the first batch of high qualityGBL
2008Years2Month,The board of directors of the company to make new decisions
2008Years1Month,To go through《Customer satisfaction survey》To learn that,Our company passed by9Months of market operation,Customer satisfaction95%,“Bright brand”The recognition:Second-tier brands。
2007Years12Month,By yizheng chemical fiber corporation bidding success,Our companyNMPBegan to use chemical fiber industry。
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