Lengshuijiang city good morning electronic ceramics co., LTDLocated in the beautiful scenery,Reputation of having the world antimony are lengshuijiang city industrial park,Is engaged in the electronic ceramics、Metallized ceramic、Structural ceramics、Ceramic products such as research and development、Production、Marketing as one of the private high-tech enterprises,Continuously introduce advanced technology、Equipment and raw materials;At the same time,Good morning company gradually brought together a group of excellent talents,Their ideal and career is to cast a glorious and eternal tomorrow morning。
  Companies with advanced modern management,Bold to hire professionals and work together with a number of colleges and universities,Only the light of three years,Has the fixed asset400More than ten thousand yuan,Production workshop2000Square meters,Employees280More than one,Technical professionals25People,Be the star of the industry rookie。   More and more>>
Contacts:Xie Fanye
A mobile phone:015197897358
The phone:018773866606
The mailbox:jcdt@tusuguan.com.cn
Zip code:417600
Address:Lengshuijiang LengXin Road130Number
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